Meet Your Florists

A Nashville design studio offering unique, organic, and timeless floral details in a sustainable and responsible way.

Of the Fields Floral Design is a full service design studio. We curate designs that reflect the personalities and styles of our clients and keep in contact for any questions up until the event day. On the day of the event, we will make sure everything is set up perfectly, and we will also come at the end to gather items and clean up. We want your special event to be as stress-free for you, your friends, and family as possible!



Michelle Jones, Lead Designer

Michelle grew up in rural Maine across from her grandparents’ (Memere and Pepere, all French Canadian!) cow pasture. She gathered bouquets from the fields to bring back for the kitchen table. Michelle loves utilizing flowers to create an experience for clients and their guests– to create a particular feeling when they see the designs for the first time. Michelle is inspired by travel, nature, and interior design. She lives in Nashville with her husband, Cameron, their dog, Layla, and cat, Pam.

Photo: Alyssa Joy Photography


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LauraBeth Burgess, Designer

LauraBeth remembers summers with her grandmother filled with going into the fields to pick flowers on their family farm.  They would then bring these flowers back to the house to create floral arrangements for church the next day.  Then with the extras they would press flowers onto shirts and paper as a way of savoring the memories they had made.  Flowers inspire her to get out past her comfort zone – to create and explore.  Flowers represent the seasons of life and prove there is a time for everything – to be planted, to be nourished, and to bloom.  LauraBeth enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and cooking.

Photo: Carter Wright Design and Photography

Cover Photo: Kate Cauthen Photography