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We often hear that budgeting for floral design and decor elements like candles seems mysterious or one of the most unknown elements of planning a wedding or large event. Many inquiries have the line “I don’t know what a reasonable budget is” or “I have no idea how much flowers cost.” First, that is okay! If you’ve never ordered more than one bouquet of flowers before and haven’t had a custom design experience, it’s tricky to know what to plan for. And guess what? We don’t know either. Before we can give a quote or an idea of what your budget should be or what’s realistic based on your vision, we need to gather information like the size of the wedding party and guest count, what styles of design you’re drawn to, how many design elements you’d like to see in the space, etc.

What factors affect the overall cost of wedding flowers?

  1. Guest count – One of the biggest factors in determining your budget is the size of the overall event. More tables = more centerpieces = more $$. A large guest count often requires a larger venue and (depending on the space) the temptation to include flowers in different areas create a cohesive look within the larger area.
  2. How big of an impact you’d like flowers and decor to make at your wedding – Along with #1, this is a significant factor in figuring out a realistic wedding floral budget. The price of the same ceremony arbor or the same round guest table varies greatly depending if you want a lush, full look that makes a statement or a minimal design that plays into the ascetic of it’s surroundings. Do you want guests to walk into the space and say “wow!” and do you see this being achieved with flowers? If so, plan for a greater investment.
  3. Size of wedding party – Picking 1 bridesmaid or 16 bridesmaids makes a big different in cost if you’re planning for everyone to hold a bouquet. With the average price of bridesmaids bouquets anywhere from $85-105, wedding party flowers are a factor that is sometimes overlooked and can add up quickly.

If you’re looking for a place to start, below are a few ranges in overall floral budget and general guidelines on what to expect within each one.

$2,500 – $4,000

This range is commonly seen in smaller weddings (75-100 people) or average-sized weddings (115-175 people) with a wedding party and more minimal ceremony and reception designs. Does the venue have a beautiful ceremony space already that doesn’t need many additions? Do you prefer the simple, greenery or bud vase look over floral arrangements in a compote vase on each table? Couples may choose to focus the floral and decor budget into one space and opt for a paired-back design in the others or pick simple and elegant designs for both the ceremony and reception locations. Small guest counts (under 75) with small wedding parties may have more room to play in this range with adding more blooms and/or greenery in one space or another.

Couples with average-sized wedding in the beginning of this range or less may be incorporating DIY elements or utilizing non-floral decor elements that are borrowed or thrifted. While there’s nothing wrong with reduce/reusing through DIY (FaceBook marketplace is great for this. No need to buy signage, table numbers, etc – it’s there), check with your florist to see if they allow DIY floral elements to be combined with their floral services.

$4,000 – $6,500

+ 100-200 guests and a medium or large wedding party

+ A larger, lush, floral design covering a portion of the arbor such as an asymmetrical corner design or large statement urns

+ Flowers will have a definite presence in the reception space. Weddings with a higher guest count may have a mix of lower and mid-range price points for centerpieces. Weddings with smaller guest counts may want a fuller arch or a mix of higher price-point centerpieces (tall, elevated arrangements or fuller floral runners) in this range.

$6,500 – $8,500

+ 100 – 250 guests and a medium or large wedding party

+ Lush floral elements that make a statement for the ceremony space OR full, larger reception centerpiece designs (possibly both with a lower total guest count)

+ May see additional extra design details such as greenery climbing up tent posts, a small installation, or medium aisle arrangements added to the ceremony space for weddings with an average-sized guest count

A wedding in this price range that chose a minimal ceremony set-up. In the reception tent there was a mix of low/high price point centerpieces and greenery chandelier over the dance floor

$8,500 – $12,000

In this range, flowers and decor elements play a large role in the overall design of the wedding day. This could include a wedding with a large guest count, large wedding party, and lush statement ceremony design and/or elaborate reception flowers depending on wedding size. With smaller guest counts, weddings in this range may have a large amount of floral decor in both spaces along with a hanging installation or additional “wow” moments.

+ 100 – 300 guests and a medium or large wedding party

+ Each guest table in the reception space has a nice amount of flowers or centerpieces featuring specialty blooms such as orchids or garden roses

+ Multiple smaller or a large floral installation with an average sized wedding guest count (115-175) and lush ceremony design

$12,000 – $25,000 +

Flower and decor will make a big statement in the design and create an experience for guests. Weddings with full ceremony arbors, floral installations, lush vase arrangements or large elevated pieces in the reception space, 250+ guest counts, and large wedding parties will likely have floral and decor budgets in this range. Luxury weddings and lush Pinterest posts with large-scale floral elements throughout all event spaces can be significantly higher.

+ May include fully lined ceremony aisle flowers or hanging installation over the majority of all of the dance floor

+ This range would be for events with large-scale installations which require custom fabrication of base mechanics

Image found on Pinterest

This average pricing is a general guideline but may not be accurate for every wedding and event florist.

When ordering flowers and candles for your wedding you are purchasing a product (the arrangements and candles on the wedding day) and a service (a custom proposal, set-up and delivery within your wedding day timeline, often returning to the venue to clean up afterwards). Each floral designer may take into account different elements based on

*where they are located

*how much experience they have

*where they source their flowers and how much it costs

*the number of flowers they like to use in designs based on their unique design style

This is why you may send the same inspiration images to two designers and get two different quotes. Similar to how you can order the same meal at two restaurants and get two different bills afterwards though on a larger scale.

If your budget has some flexibility, then it may be helpful to start with your wish list for the day and see where in the price ranges your total quote falls to edit from there. Have a maximum budget that you need to stay on track with wedding planning? There’s nothing wrong with that! Let your florist know your budget upfront and allow them to be a guide on which items will make the biggest impact for the style and design you’re hoping to achieve. Happy planning!

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