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Happy Earth Day friends! Not reading this on April 22, 2020? No worries, I am a believer that everyday can be Earth Day and we all have a responsibility to be conscious consumers of our planet’s resources. As a human, and especially as someone who uses a natural product for my work, I believe stewardship is vitally important!

I shared over on my Instagram today a few resources that I enjoy and some tips on how to lessen our impact to get the ideas flowing. It’s important not to try to do everything at once and get discouraged! Maybe pick something that sounds interesting to you and implement that practice into your routine. Once it’s a normal part of your day, move on to another!


+ Eco Chic – This podcast has some great, practical tips and Lauren explains things in a ways that are easy to understand

+ Green Dreamer – This one dives a little deeper in sustainability topics like soil regeneration and conscious consumerism

+ Hippie Haven – This podcast is a good mix of useful tips, mental health topics, low waste practices, and understanding climate change

+ Conscious Chatter – I just recently discovered this podcast and am listening to my first episodes. Conscious Chatter is all about sustainability in what we wear

Instagram Accounts

+ The Eco Warrior – Offers a good library if you’re looking to purchase a low-waste product

+ Sustainably Chic – Great account if you’re looking to expand your knowledge of clothing brands that utilize sustainable practices and for inspiration

+ Impact for Good – Products, clothing brands, and tips

+ Our Eco Friendly Life – “Sustainable living in the French countryside”- need I say more?! Beautiful images and great home tips


+ Learn about recycling in your area

+ Buy local and seasonal foods

+ Use items you already own rather than purchasing something new

+ Take shorter showers

+ Register to vote and support candidates that are taking action

+ Thirft!

+ Eat a more plant-based diet

+ Learn to compost

+ Reduce single use plastic

+ Mend or repair clothing and learn how clothing is made when purchasing something new

Remember- this is just a start! What are you already doing? What are you excited about implementing? Thanks for following along, you got this!

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